Special Approaches

at Teman Baik we adopt and adapt internationally recognized best-practice models developed by the Friends Alliance, including:

Child Protection

Teman Baik is a Child Protection Agency and as a ChildSafe organization we prioritize and implement ChildSafe standards throughout the organization’s operations and processes. This includes:

    • Child Protection Policies (CPP): CPP are embedded in all our guidelines, regulations and operations and we ensure that their principles are respected at all times by our staff, our beneficiaries and all visitors (Link)
    • Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (PSEA): we expanded our CPP with a focus on protecting all beneficiaries (adults and children) from all abuses, with a particular focus on sexual abuse (Link)
    • Child Protection in Emergency Situations (CPIE): we have also developed and prepared for the protection of children in times of emergency(Link)

System Building

A key element of our approach is to build a child protection system in Indonesia. This includes carrying out research (LINK to reports) and training (LINK to reports). From this work, Teman Baik has built the Child Protection System and developed Child/Beneficiary Protection Policies among NGOs and public schools. (infographic)


We Support young people and caretakers to access gainful and dignified employment with a needs-based system: based on a solid assessment, personalized services are provided that can include hard skills, soft skills, general education, life skills and/or psycho-social support We adapted Futures Employment project to better reach youth in communities with the support of our ChildSafe Agents and by building a strong collaboration with Indonesian companies.

ChildSafe Agents

Training individuals to be Agents of Child Protection, across a range of specialties which include community agents, peer agents and agents within businesses. We have built a system enabling easy replication and alliance building with partner organizations. This project is part of the ChildSafe Movement (Link)