Yayasan Teman Baik started as a Friends-International project in 2007 in Banda Aceh Province.

Following the terrible impact of the 2004 tsunami on the children of that province. Friends-International started outreach services, a drop-in center, education and vocational training, including a training cafe.

Once the situation improved in the province, the team assessed the situation in Jakarta and considering the range and size of the needs we identified, we decided to relocate there in 2010 and registered as a local organization (Yayasan).

Registered as Yayasan Teman Baik in 2013, the organization provides

comprehensive protection and social support to marginalized children, youth and their families throughout the city.

Yayasan Teman Baik is a member of the Friends Alliance and as such receives technical support from the entire Friends-International system and has continuously developed its services to replicate best practice models in Jakarta (e.g., the ChildSafe Movement, and Futures employment support) and build the capacity of local non-profits, government, and the private sector throughout the country to effectively protect children.