ChildSafe Movement

The ChildSafe Movement (CSM) is an international Movement that involves all actors of society in the protection of children (Link): Teman Baik is a member of the Movement and is coordinating the Movement in Indonesia and you too can ‘Join the Movement’!

Join the Movement

ChildSafe Agents

ChildSafe Agents are volunteers who protect children from all sorts of abuse and risks in their neighborhood: they are trained by, and supported through working closely with, the Teman Baik teams (picture of CS process). If you want to be active in protecting children, contact us at 0811-9555-584

ChildSafe Communities

We conduct community trainings and create campaigns for our Indonesian citizens (7 Tips and downloads) and Indonesian children (7 Tips and downloads) – ‘Join the Movement’ and help us by sharing these messages with your friends and families (link to social media)ChildSafe Tourism: We conduct training and create campaigns for tourists coming to Indonesia so they can better protect our children when they visit our beautiful country – ‘Join the Movement’ and help us by sharing the 7 Tips and other information with tourists in your community (download here – link to social media)

ChildSafe Business partners

we work with business partners (tourism industry, community-based tourism, etc.) to develop your child protection systems to better protect your business and the children in your community. Over the years we have supported and provided ChildSafe training to Discova, Exo , Buffalo Travel, and Lotus Asia.

If you are interested, contact us at:


we run the Jakarta ChildSafe Hotline – if you see any children at risk, or in immediate danger from any kind of physical violence, sexual abuse or exploitation, online abuse or accidents please call the ChildSafe Hotline at 0 811-9555-584, which operates Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm WIB.