Saving Lives

At Teman Baik, we provide life-saving services to children, youth and families

Street Outreach

Our teams go out day and night to meet the children and young people living and working on the streets of Jakarta. Our teams ensure that children remain healthy, treat all wounds from accidents and support access to hospital for serious cases. Our social workers protect children from various abuses, including violence and sexual abuses, and we teach them how to protect themselves. We provide them with educational activities and games to help them with reading, writing and counting, plus education on hygiene, sexual health, drugs prevention, etc. We also identify children who would need or want to leave the streets: our social workers create a plan with each child and support them to return home and resume their education or prepare for employment.

You too will regularly encounter children, young people and their “parents” begging, selling, working as scavengers on the streets, on bridges or around markets, and sleeping on the streets or in empty houses.

If you encounter children living on the streets, please 0 811-9555-  and our team will assess the situation and devise a plan to support these children to leave the streets safely.

Community Outreach

Every day, our teams go in the most vulnerable communities in and around Jakarta, to identify and support children, young people and families who face very difficult situations. We map the city to identify areas with concentration of vulnerable people and we assess the families. Based on the assessment we develop a plan to support these families move away from poverty and risk: to ensure that caretakers are able to work, children are healthy and able to go to school and young people are able to get jobs. This can include psycho-social support (e.g., to respond to issues of ) and access to our Building Futures services.

If you know of families in need or areas where vulnerable families are living, please contact +62 811-9555-584 and we will assess the situation and devise a plan to support these families.



Drop-In Centers

In collaboration with local authorities in communities, we operate services from a number of Government-run centers, such as Ruang Public Terbuka Ramah Anak (RPTRA – child friendly public spaces), Posyandu, and Rukun Warga (small or sub-village system) Offices. These include Futures employment information and training, life skills training, counseling, non-formal education, etc. We thank our local partners in government, local NGOs and vocational training providers for their support and collaboration in this project

Protection in Times of Emergency

Everyone can face unexpected difficult times. For vulnerable families that can mean losing their homes, not having enough food, forcing children to leave school and go to work to help with family income. We support families in times of crisis, to be able to rebuild their future. We assess the situation, and we decide how we can best help: we can distribute food, support health care, fund rental and utilities, pay for school expenses… If you or a family you know in Jakarta is experiencing an emergency situation contact us on the ChildSafe Hotline: 0811-9555-584

ChildSafe Agents

ChildSafe Agents are volunteers who protect children from all sorts of abuse and risks in their neighborhood: they are trained by, and supported through working closely with the Teman Baik teams (picture of CS process). The ChildSafe Agents are trained to recognize and respond to specific risks that they and our teams have identified (sexual abuse, violence, substance abuse, sex work, migration, etc.). With the specific skills that the ChildSafe Agents have learned, they are able to directly provide education, specific services (education, access to health care, counseling, etc.), emergency support and long term support to children, young people and families. They become key people in their community and in Indonesia for the protection of children. Here is a great example of the work of these #everydayheroes [link]

If you want to be active in protecting children, contact us at 0 811-9555-584


We operate the ChildSafe Hotline in Jakarta. We operate Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm WIB. If you see children in situations of abuse or risk or need support or advice contact us at 0811-9555-584