Friends Alliance

​The Friends Alliance is a group of organizations which are either managed by, or were started by, Friends-International. Alliance members enter into, and are bound by, a contractual agreement with Friends-International. Alliance members share a range of common principles, policies and common standards in their work, with a special attention to Child Protection systems and innovation.

Alliance members share the Friends logo.

The work of Alliance members is bound around a continuum of care:

Saving Lives

We provide direct intervention and service delivery to those who most need it, where and when that support is most needed. This includes outreach work, emergency support, harm reduction, detoxification and rehabilitation, drop-in centers and community-based support groups

Building Futures

When we have stabilized life situations for those we work with, we (and they) are ready for the next step – how to best enable them to build a better future. We have a toolbox of approaches ready to help them do just that, including access to education, training, employment, income generation opportunities for caretakers and rebuilding the capacity of families to care for their own children.


All our activities are conducted with a ChildSafe child protection ethos. We also create child protective environments for those we work with, supported by trained ChildSafe Agents drawn from local community members, individuals, travelers, businesses, other NGO’s, authorities and governments

Friends Alliance Worldwide

Friends Cambodia

Phnom Penh / Kandal – Mith Samlanh

Mith Samlanh (meaning ‘friends’ in Khmer) was started in 1994 by Friends-International. It was officially localized in 2002

Siem Reap – Kaliyan Mith

Launched in 2007, Kaliyan Mith (“Good Friends” in Khmer) fully utilizes the Friends model of social business, social support, and public mobilization to build futures for children and families. It is directly managed by Friends-International in collaboration with the Siem Reap Provincial authorities.

Poipet/Aranyaprathet – Kaliyan Mith

This project, started and managed by Friends-International, was launched in 2009 to address the range of issues faced by migrant populations at a major Cambodian/Thai border crossing. The project is based both on the Cambodian and the Thai side.

Friends Lao PDR

Vientiane / Luang Prabang – Peuan Mit

Started in 2004, Peuan Mit (“Good Friends” in Lao) is a collaboration with the Lao PDR Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and is managed by Friends-International.

Friends Thailand

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Aranyaprathet, Pattaya – Peuan Peuan

Launched in 2006, Peuan Peuan (“Close Friends” in Thai) is managed by Friends-International and works  with both Thai marginalized populations and vulnerable migrants from neighboring countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar)

Friends Indonesia

Jakarta – Yayasan Teman Baik

Started 2007 and initially based in Aceh province to respond to the long-term impact of the 2004 tsunami on children, prior to relocation to Jakarta in 2010, Teman Baik is a local NGO (Yayasan)

Friends Myanmar

Yangon – Tha Ngae Chin Myar

Started in 2019, Friends Myanmar is a local NGO, evolving from a training restaurant operating in Yangon since 2011 which was inspired by the Friends-International model.

Friends Suisse

Started in 2008, the Friends Suisse program is a local association initially supporting fundraising, subsequently expanded to provide services to migrants (handed over to a partner organization in 2019) and ChildSafe activities

Friends in France

Started in 1995 as the Head Office supporting and guiding all international activities, this office subsequently developed initiatives of advocacy (ChildSafe Volunteering, ChildSafe Travelers) in France.