Target Group

We work with children and youth who are facing difficulties. These difficulties can be linked to their living conditions (vulnerable communities, on the streets, in slums…), they can be linked to problems accessing education or employment, they can be linked to abuse or accidents, can be due to sexual exploitation, drug use, accidents or domestic violence, or can be due to emergency situations. (Link to report/stat) Specifically we work with:

Street based populations

we work with the street children and youth living or working on the streets of Jakarta. You will regularly encounter people begging, scavenging and sometimes sleeping on the streets, under bridges or in empty houses. These children and families are facing serious risks on the streets, including: violence, sexual exploitation, dangerous work and health issues (including sexual health). They can also fall victim to gangs, illegal activities or drug use. Many girls also face early pregnancies and babies are at special risk.

We work very hard to protect them from harm and to help them leave the streets and build a real future.

Community-based populations

we work with families, their children and young people in various vulnerable communities in hotspots in Jakarta. Families we work with face a series of issues:

  • Economic issues: unemployment or under-employment is common, limiting the families’ income. Many are living with heavy debts that keep them in a cycle of poverty. This prevents children from attending school regularly and reduces their future life options.
  • Psycho-social issues: many families are facing specific issues that can include drug use, domestic violence and violence against children, school drop-out, early pregnancies, alcohol abuse, poor housing conditions, etc.

We want to ensure that these families are better able to protect their children, and can make a living so that children go to school and young people can learn a trade and build their futures.


many of our citizens travel to big cities to find jobs and get money for their families. Coming to Jakarata without knowing anyone or understanding the life of big cities, can be full of difficulties and risks: many end up in poverty living in slums, others are exploited and some end up living on the streets.

We provide information to reduce the risk of unsafe migration and support them to find income back home before they are forced to leave their families.