Provide a temporary foster home to a child in need. 

Sophea* has been a foster mom for 9 years. She’s now providing temporary care for Dara*, one of the thousands of children in Cambodia in need of a loving home. Dara was abandoned at birth at hospital. His case is sadly not an exception.


Poverty, marital instability or social stigma cause separation of children from their families. These children are often abandoned by their parents because they feel helpless and unable to provide them with the necessary care. Many of these children are placed in orphanages or similar institutions despite many years of research proving that growing up in institutions is harmful for the well-being and development of children.
Children in orphanages lack care, affection, are often neglected and sometimes even abused. 

At Friends, we value family and truly believe that’s where children belong.

Instead of placing abandoned children in orphanages, we find temporary loving families for them and work on long term solutions to reunite them with their birth parents.

We currently have 88 children in temporary Cambodian foster families and more than ever, we need monthly support to keep running this essential program, to make sure children grow up in a safe and nurturing family. On average, it costs us $150 per month for a child to be taken care of by a loving family. It includes material, food as well as a stipend for the family.

You can help us make a difference!

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children are living in orphanages


of these children are not orphans



Sophea and Sitha, her husband, have been fostering children for 9 years. They are now providing care to Dara, a 9 month old little boy.


San is one of our most experienced foster mothers. She is currently bringing love to Sreypich who was abandoned at birth in the forest.


Mummy is a nun. She wants to give abandoned children better chances at life. She’s now providing a temporary loving home for Chantola.

By supporting our foster care program monthly, you will help short-term foster families to provide the necessary care and love to these children while we work to reunite them with their birth parents. You will receive news of Sophea, San and Mummy so you get updates on their progress and know exactly where your money goes.

Cannot commit to a monthly donation but still want to support? Donate once.



Monthly doctor visit


Hygiene kit (diapers, soap, shampoo…)


Milk formula for a month


All needs for a child for a month

Monthly giving is the most cost-effective way to give, so more of your hard-earned dollars go directly to children in need. 


*Name have been changed to protect identities

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